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Asahan River

Located at the center of Bandar Pulau subdistrict in the Asahan Regency, the Asahan River track is praised as one of the Best White Water Rafting spot in the World after the Zambesi River in Africa, and Colorado River in the US.

The outstandingly fast and continuous river is a 22-kilometer course that will definitely give you endless adrenaline rush as its water debit can at times reach up to 120 cubic meter per second. With an average depth of 5 meters, the rafting courses are classified from Grade 4 to 5 difficulty levels (in the scale of 1 to 6).

How to get there

The best way to get to Asahan River is by taking a rented car. From Medan's Kualanamu Airport, it will take around 4 hours to drive to Kisaran City and from there, just continue driving to Pulau Raja village, and after passing Bandar Pulau subdistrict, you will arrive at Tangga village — and start your rafting adventure. Total trip time is around 5-6 hours. Please note that different operators may offer different routes.

 Getting around

River rafting is the most challenging and desirable activity at Asahan River, and you should have your rafting adventure pre-arranged from Medan. Bonafide adventure travel agencies here can do that for you. Kayaking, cycling and jungle trekking are sometimes included within the package. Depending on your length of stay, you may want to include a trip to Lake Toba.

Besides river rafting, you can also have a moment of joy contemplating and blending in under the cool breeze of the famous 250-meter high Sigura-gura Waterfall.

Asahan area has several magnificent waterfalls. The famous ones are Simanik-manik Waterfall, Simonang-monang, and Ponot.

 Where to stay

The locals usually rent out their houses to visitors as homestays, but if you wish to stay in a hotel or a more convenient home stay, our travel agencies can arrange this for you. Just don't be afraid to ask for more information.

Asahan river

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