DESTINATION - Bukit Lawang
Bukit Lawang is one of the most popular destinations in Sumatra. It is a convenient first stop for travels in Sumatra with lots of activities, great nature, tourist adapted food, convenient accommodation, and friendly people. Here one can get adjusted to Sumatra before onward travels. Bukit Lawang and its many restaurants and accommodation are nicely located along the clear and clean Bohorok River on the outskirts of the huge national park, Gunung Leuser.

Enjoy the Orangutans, the Long tail and Pig tail macaques, Thomas Leaf monkeys, Langurs, Siamangs and of course the Orangutans. It is hard to miss them. Some jump over your bungalow.

Besides seeing orangutans Bukit Lawang also has a long range of other out-door activities. Bukit Lawang is easily accessible and is a lively and social place. On Sundays it is particularly lively as hundreds of Indonesians come to picnic along the river and watch the tourists. Bukit Lawang is perfect for relaxing and for families. It is easy to see orangutans, even if you are in a hurry.

Bohorok is the administrative unit that contains Bukit Lawang. Indonesians often say Bohorok when they refer to Bukit Lawang. The area of Bohorok has many plantations like cocoa, palm oil, rubber, oranges, etc. Bukit Lawang started as an orangutan rehabilitation center, but quickly developed into one of the most popular destinations of North Sumatra. See What To See And Do In Bukit Lawang Under WHAT TO SEE AND DO
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