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Rafting at Asahan River, North Sumatra
Asahan River, located in the province of Sumatra utara.Tepatnya In the village Parhitean Ladder District. From Medan msh approximately 7 hours journey by private car towards Toba, Toba precisely Prapat further from the range of about 2 hours to the village of Stairs. For that use public transport alone, there is transport from the field in the direction of Prapat Prapat then changed again to the village transport Tangga.Akses paved his own way and good and beautiful scenery along the way.

Long enough mileage is guaranteed to remain paid off with a great rafting adventure that will be in the can in his ini.Maut Asahan river rafting Asahan already very popular in foreign countries and even the river has also been recommended by the Rafter world so do not be surprised if the meet champion-jaura world is adventure with rapids rapids dahsatnya Asahan.
The place itself was inaugurated by the Governor of North Sumatra, Ruzal Nurdin river has class (Grade) 4 to 5 is very challenging, so no wonder that this river lot in use as a race arum jeram.Sungai Asahan have 2 route option (section)
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Rafting at Asahan River, North Sumatra
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